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A Transformation of Mind, Body, and Soul

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Missy Herman is a 2019 National Challenge finalist and member at Farrell’s Bloomington, Illinois. Missy’s transformational journey is incredibly inspiring and we are honored to have her as part of our Farrell’s family. Congratulations, Missy!

Before Mind

Before Farrell’s, I was depressed, exhausted, and unhappy. I lost my mom due to diabetes complications. I miss her every day. She was only 65. When I think of all the incredible things she missed in the time it took me to complete the National Challenge, it reminds me of why I joined for Farrell’s. She missed my oldest daughter graduate from college and get married. She missed my younger daughter graduate from high school and start college. She has missed watching her granddaughter play soccer in college and getting her first assist. She has missed me losing over 98 pounds, 66 inches and 23% body fat.

I want to make sure I do everything I can to make sure I do not miss anything. I was so busy trying to be the best mom, the best wife, the best daughter in-law and the best employee. I was always putting others first. The more unhappy I was, the more things I would take on. I was not sleeping well. I was 48 years old and could no longer keep up. Life was getting rough when I got a call that my little brother had suffered a heart attack. Losing my mom was tough enough but I could not lose my brother. Things had to change. I needed to be a good example.

Before Body

When I started Farrell’s, I was 5’3” and over 221 pounds. I was obese, and was carrying too much weight for my frame. I was seeing a chiropractor regularly for my back and neck pain and was suffering from plantar fasciitis in both feet, making it painful to walk. I would become breathless climbing stairs or having to run any distance and was using an albuterol inhaler to address some asthma issues. I was on medication for acid reflux. I was no longer sleeping regularly.


Before Soul

My husband and daughters are very athletic. When my daughter got engaged, I was so happy for her – but terrified of being in the photos. For the last 10 years, I avoided being in photos, especially family photos. I hated looking out of place in my own family. My family loved me just the way I was, but I did not love myself. More importantly, I wanted to be a good example to my daughters, my family, and myself. I wanted my confidence and life back. I did not want to spend my retirement tied to a dialysis machine or a hospital. I want to be there for my family and for myself. My health was slipping and along with it went my confidence, self-esteem, and happiness.


After Farrell’s

My days now begin with 45 minutes of time just for myself. 45 minutes of the best therapy ever! I learned how important finding time for myself truly is. Farrell’s has taught me how important nutrition is and how it can impact all aspects of your life. Farrell’s has shown me I can accomplish anything – whether it’s hiking in Arizona, or help building a house in Haiti. It has given me my confidence, my self-esteem, and an incredible group of friends that I can count on and who will track me down if I am not at my morning workout class. I never dreamed I would be coaching others through the Farrell’s workout program.

I can’t thank Farrell’s enough for the amazing memories and all of the support. I’m so grateful for being in my daughter’s wedding photos, graduation photos, the soccer games and many, many more. I can honestly say I have taken more photos with my family this past year then I have in the last fifteen years! I am happy, healthy, and now my very fit family has trouble keeping up with me! In fact, as I write this, I am coaching my husband through his Farrell’s 10-Week Challenge.

Now, my future looks much brighter. I no longer need the chiropractor or the inhaler. With the weight gone, so is the suffering from planter fasciitis and acid reflux. I’m no longer considered obese. I understand the importance of taking care of yourself from a mind, body, and soul perspective. I have shared this with my family, my girls, my husband, and my community. I am 49 years old and feel like my life is just beginning. I love the person I am becoming and I love my life. I want to thank Farrell’s for the amazing support! What a great program and group of people.

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