It's Kickboxing Day

Strength Training

Farrell's low-impact strength training classes will help you rebalance your body composition. You’ll add strong, lean muscles—working your whole body throughout the week. Our strength training classes take turns between upper and lower body days to provide adequate time for muscle groups to recover and build.

You don’t need expensive weight machines to get great results. Resistance bands are the main equipment used at Farrell's and offer the same benefits of weights, but with less impact. Bands are extremely effective for working muscles, and they make it easy to modify resistance for all fitness capabilities. We provide bands in an assortment of resistances, so you can alter the intensity of your workout by giving the bands more or less resistance.

For those seeking a little more variation, we also use dumbbells. Another great way to build muscle during your instructor-led strength training classes, dumbbells can be used in place of resistance bands for particular exercises or in combination with resistance bands for a challenging workout, which our FIT members like!

You’ll also use medicine balls for our core workouts on lower body day and even during interval recovery periods during fitness kickboxing.

Farrell's strength training instructors direct you through paced workouts that exhaust the muscles using a mix of compound and isolated exercises. To keep your muscles guessing and to melt away those inches and make muscle, instructors balance classes by alternating combinations of repetition and resistance.

Need adjustments? No problem! Our instructors can modify any exercise to accommodate your needs.

Strength training during Farrell's 10-Week Challenge 

Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training is critical for achieving your goals. When you lose body fat and build lean muscle, your clothes fit better. Your metabolism improves and you burn more calories, even when you’re resting. The physical tasks of everyday life get easier. But were you aware that strength training can help strengthen your bones? Or improve your cognitive abilities or chronic conditions? Strength training can even increase your balance and flexibility?

You get the picture – it’s important.

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