It's Kickboxing Day

Group Fitness That Can Change Your Life

When Lance Farrell established Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping in 2001, his mission was simple: To encourage others to live with power and purpose. That’s precisely what our 10-Week Challenge in Albertville does.

With its roots in fitness kickboxing, strength training, and nutrition, our 10-Week Challenge will put you on a road to better fitness. Your personal coach and certified instructors will cheer you on — and hold you accountable. You’ll go on a journey you never thought could happen!

You haven’t done an exercise class in years? No problem! Looking for an off-season fitness class to build endurance and strength in Albertville? Perfect! Wherever you are in your journey, you’ll fit in at Farrell's.

Fitness Kickboxing Classes

We’re a popular choice for fitness kickboxing. We were one of the earliest in the industry to add cardio kickboxing into a comprehensive group fitness program. Our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio kickboxing class is unparalleled.

Inspired by Taekwondo, our 45-minute cardio kickboxing workouts burn fat and increase your cardiovascular health. In these fast-paced fitness classes, you’ll progress in your core strength, your flexibility, and your confidence. And you’ll have a good time doing it!

Strength Training
Our focused strength training classes help you rebalance your body composition by developing strong, lean muscles. Strength classes alternate between upper and lower body days to give your muscles time to build and heal.
Fueling your body for optimal performance is crucial to your success. The good news? Learning what to eat isn’t hard! We’ll personalize your easy-to-follow nutrition plan based on your body composition and goals. You’ll develop new, enduring habits with advice and accountability from your coach. Almost immediately you’ll experience increased stamina and energy.
$1,000 Challenge

Even before you complete your 10-Week Challenge, you’ll see serious changes in your body, your health, and your outlook on life. What could be better? How about an extra $1,000? Each Farrell's location presents a $1,000 prize each session to the 10-Week Challenge member with the most incredible transformation—some even award two prizes each session!

The Farrell's Family

On your initial visit to Farrell's, you’ll feel the spirit of community. Members say it’s their “Farrell's Family.” Your Farrell's Family is a big one. Fellow members. Personal coaches. Certified instructors. Head coaches and managers. Even the owners!

You’ll feel at home at Farrell's. We all remember our first days. You’ll find friendliness and aid in our facilities. Your coach will be there to guide you—but everyone here is eager to give you a hand and make you feel at home at Farrell's.

Results Guaranteed
We not only trust in our program and in our members success, we guarantee it! Simply stay focused on our program, and you WILL see great results. If you dont see improvement during your 10-Week Challenge, we will pay you $500.